Types of handbags: what do you prefer?

In today's world there are many models and types of handbags for all occasions. They can be large and small, made of leather and fabric, with tiny handles and a belt ... There are really a lot of options here. And it is not surprising, because fashion often changes and offers new variants of bags for beautiful ladies.

To date, all handbags can be divided into several groups according to their use:

Bag-setchel - this handbag though specially devised for women who lead an active lifestyle (lots of time they spend at work, play sports, and often meet with friends, etc.). This means that their bag should be roomy and comfortable, and at the same time elegant and practical. Setchel handbag meets all these requirements. The classic model is a bag of absolutely any shape, but always with a flat bottom rectangular or oval shape and two short handles. In this bag it is very convenient to store various accessories, makeup, phone and other small items. Everything you need will always be at your fingertips if you choose for yourself satchel.

Bag-tout - is a simple and practical option for a handbag for every day. As a rule, it has a rectangular shape, two small handles and open top. It has one big separation. The main plus of women's tout handbags - its roominess. It is simply indispensable for shopping.

Hobo handbag - this bag is a perfect mix of spaciousness and elegance, practicality and attractive appearance. The shape of hobo-bag resembles a crescent with a wide handle and a zip for main compartment. It is very comfortable to wear, as it’s always made of soft materials.

Portfolio - remember your school days and pay attention to this stylish handbags. This case differs a great spaciousness and originality.

Clutch - is a small size handbag, usually in the form of an envelope without handles, with a loop or a long shoulder strap. These bags are not designed for carrying big things. So, the clutch is not designed for everyday wear. But it fits perfectly into evening wear.

Big handbags - rightfully deserve attention because of their style and practicality at the same time, that is so necessary in today's rhythm of life.

Which handbag is better - you decide! The main thing is that it is quality and fashion style!

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