Scam Stories

We get a lot of emails from people who tell us they fell victims of the Rolex scam sites. Some asking if there is anything they can do to get their money back, others wanting to share their story, or expose a new scam site.

Generally there is not much you can do after already being scammed. The thief’s developed a pretty tight system where canceling the credit card purchase is close to impossible. We are still investigating the possibility of canceling the purchase when paying with American Express, which as of now seems to be the only company able to guarantee you your money back.

For the second group we encourage publicizing your Rolex replica scam story. This way you can help hundreds of others and save them from falling victims to the same thief’s.

Send in pictures of the replica you received and as many details about the process you went through, emails you sent out, “customer representatives” you spoke with, copies of the receipts they gave you (of course take out your private information like, card numbers address etc.)

This will help us in shutting these places down. We are constantly in touch with agencies in charge of counterfeit watch scams, providing them with the information we gather on the new replica sites we discover. All this in the effort of keeping the internet a little cleaner.

Last year Rolex replica sales brought in an estimated income of $620 million dollars. About 85 of those profits were an outcome of online fraud.  At an average of $600 per replica the number of replicas sold per year breaks a million. Which in essence means that over 800,000 people fell victim of online fraud. This is becoming more notorious as the number of online rolex relica sites increase, most of them stealing the consumers money or delivering a very poor quality product for promises of a swiss Rolex replica.

Just last week itself we received fifty reports of potential rolex scams. We try to research and post the potential scammers as soon as possible, but a lot of times its not enough to save the people from being scammed.

Another huge factor adding to the number of successful sales are the “Extenze scam” review sites. These sites operate on bases of “consumer report” providing potential customers with a rating of all of the rolex replica sites online. The catch is that these sites are in fact owned and operated by the scammers themselves, resulting in promoting their own sites. In these “reviews” they sites are usually rated from 5 to 1. Five being the highest score , providing the highest grade “A” replicas with ETA movements, triple wrapped gold, and sapphire crystals, and 1 being the lowest grade Japanese replicas not worth considering. 

A lot of times the sites ranking at the top twenty of the given review are owned by the same person, trying to scam people from the whole budget spectrum. If you cant afford the $700 grade A swiss rolex replica they will recommend you their site selling a $200 lower grade, which in turn will leave you the same speechless when the package arrives or doesn’t.  We have compiled a list of the scam review sites and will be posting it soon. We will try to keep it as much up to date as possible, updating it weekly. You can also visit the forum for opinions, advice and stories.


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