Don't Get Ripped Off by Online Scam Artists. This site is here to SAVE You Money

I have created this site to try warning people of all the online scams involving rolex replicas. The goal is to make this page widley accesible by those who want to buy a rolex replica, wether swiss or not to give them a better understaning of the replica world. So read through this page and you will be a step closer to saving yourself a headache and agony of being scammed by one of these sites.

I have almost bought, what I was convinced by the seller, was a swiss made rolex replica 99.9% close to the original, with a swiss made ETA movement, a sapphire crystal and the whole nine yards. I was going to pay $580 for it, which at the time seemed pretty reasonable compared to the sites that were offering the same replica for $1100. It looked very convincing with crystal clear, high-resolution pictures and a description that seemed to cover all the bases of a real rolex watch. Being that I have bought a replica watch before from a shop in china-town, and owning the real thing, as well as being a very detail oriented person, I had a pretty good idea of how these replicas could vary in quality. You can go anywhere from few miss-matches like engravings on the back, pins in the links, regular glass instead of sapphire crystal, to the writing on the face being dull or chipped, the magnification of the date inaccurate and the movement completely junky making the second hand look more like a quartz watch then a 25 jewel sweeping movement, turning this from a replica to a rubbish fake.

So I did, what I thought was back then, a detailed replica search online. I wanted to consider all my options and compare all the prices to spend as little as possible getting the best quality at the same time. I arrived at a few rolex replica sites, some offering Japanese replicas for around $199-250 and some selling what they claimed to be the highest quality swiss rolex replica ranging from $560 to $780. 

I found the model I was interested in, looked at the pictures and was pretty excited to have found a swiss replica looking more like the real rolex than a 600-dollar watch.

I had a few concerns about the customs and shipping of the watch its self, so I went ahead and emailed them asking how they ship the watch and is it possible to avoiding paying customs. I got a pretty quick response from a lovely sales representative named Jenny, who informed me that they try to ship the watch in as much of inconspicuous packing as possible so that the “rolex” doesn’t get seized by customs.

I still had my doubts and called the number they provided on the site.  No one picked up… I tried again and still no answer. This got me thinking. A website charging an average of 600 dollars for their top of the line swiss replica rolex, offering 100% money back guarantee, cant afford proper customer service? Strange. So I started doing some research. I wasn’t able to find much on the sites up until I came across a replica watch blog exposing the whole scam.

Apparently there are a few people who own most of the swiss rolex replica sites. And there is somewhat few hundred of them. They even went so far as to creating a rolex replica review site to rate their site from 1-5. 1 being the worst (in this case the cheapest) and 5 the best, highest grade replica best (by the ame token the most expansive) This review site actually had me pretty convinced, as I’m sure it has most of the people who arrive there.

All their sites look very professional and are designed in a very convincing manner. The shopping cart software is the same as all the other online merchant sites, the only difference is, with them you don’t actually get anywhere close to what you paid for and there is NO getting your money back.

I was explained by one of the people who got ripped of that it works as follows.

You buy what you think is your brand-new swiss rolex replica and you pay for it. Within a week you get your watch, some better looking than others, but in any case none last longer than a few weeks. When it finally breaks you decide to use the money back guarantee and exchange the watch for a new one. You send your replica back to an address provided, usually somewhere in Brooklyn, and wait. You get no response. You call and the lady on the phone tells you there is nothing she can do. You try canceling youre credit card purchase and it turns out that it was sent to a unknown merchant in Russia and there is nothing that can be done… So you’re sitting at home without your replica rolex and $580 poorer…


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