Birthstones And Their Meanings

There are many legends and the knowledge surrounding practice of carrying of stones, corresponding to zodiac sign. Many people believe that the idea to carry the stones corresponding to zodiac sign began as marketing dodge by the companies selling jewelry, but the reason behind practice very much, much more deeply, than it. Practice has carrying of the stones corresponding to zodiac sign is deep roots in religion and an astrology.

Myths behind practice

One of the earliest stories connected with practice of carrying of stones, corresponding to zodiac sign, arrives from the Christian Bible. In the Outcome book Aaron's Bib is described to be established with twelve jewels: ruby, topaz, beryl, turquoise, sapphire, emerald, pomegranate, agate, amethyst, chrysolite, onyx and jasper. These twelve stones represented each of twelve tribes of Jews.

Other ancient cultures, Hellenics and Babylonians in particular connected certain jewels with the gods and goddesses, and later with planets and the stars presented in astrological signs. These stones were given the signs concerning astrological signs, they are connected with, just as supernatural, protective powers. To carry the special jewel connected with special month that this month, means to call the protection offered by the power of a stone.

For a long time and as the Christianity arrived to increase, the church tried to underestimate an astrology in congestion lives, and so carrying of jewels arrived to represent guardian angels and Jesus Christ's twelve apostles instead. Idea that jewels have a power to protect her owner, was nevertheless kept. However, as only rich people can provide possession a various jewel within every month, the majority of people accepted practice of carrying simply a jewel which represents month of their birth. Since then these jewels were mentioned as the stones corresponding to zodiac sign.

Value behind stones

Here the various stones corresponding to zodiac sign within every month of the Gregorian calendar and value behind these stones.

1. January. Pomegranate - a stone corresponding to zodiac sign within a month of January. Bright red color of pomegranate is connected with blood and thus as thought, granted good health to the owner. Pomegranate as also speak, provides protection against nightmares and against the dangers created, being one in the dark. The person who approves pomegranate as speak, possesses a great patience and ability to take out difficulty. This person, a stone which corresponding to zodiac sign - pomegranate, we will combine with its or its affairs and is allocated with creative mind.

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