Be a smart diamond buyer

Who would be ever thought that the clarity estimating diamond, much easier, than someone could imagine ever. Two things from which we should be interested:

Category 1: Diamonds with inclusion1 and blemishes2 which we see our naked eye.

The easiest way to know, whether is diamond high quality, simply asking the jeweler, but because of zhulnichestvo this tactics, apparently, isn't reliable, still. Knowing the Quality standard of Clarity of diamond you will cope.

Category 2: Diamonds which are definitely clear.

A. Begin at an investment of faultless diamonds, gives you the good beginning. It should be really faultless internally and outwardly.

B. VS1 and VS2 - a recommended highest point which could be carried

C. SI1-which it simply designate as it - because at it is few problems which won't give distinction for his appearance.

Purchase of diamond can be really cunning. Be very sensitive, when it will go with it. You should pay for its value as possible. Be clever, than his sellers, jewelers deceived people for their own benefit earlier.

For you that be able possess that you spend for inattentive if for your collection or it is simple in the additional purposes to itself or home, you owe everything that you should know in purchase of that.

Some are very inattentive when business reaches this question. They were or sometimes as always that tended to be the impulsive buyer who should avoid everything earlier. They resemble a little involved in light that, apparently, addresses to their eyes, they buy it in, at all without taking in a reason quality.

In purchase of precious jewelry, such as diamonds additional precautions should be, observe, so that you didn't find that it simply spends for nothing both from your money and time, but possesses it more than you expected to enjoy it

I continued the order and impatiently waited for their arrival. While they were in a way, I continued to call in question, whether they will actually work( If they made, I would be to be in a condition extremely proud person as I could carry away at last cargo which I wasn't ashamed. Therefore, when the box at last arrived, you can be sure that I broke off that open sucker and put a tablet directly then there. It would work?

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