Basic Information About Diamonds

Diamonds have a charm about them which do them, possibly, the looking most for jewels in the world. They say that "diamonds - the best friend of the girl", and more, than probable that the feeling occurs because of their shine, their scintillating, and a way which they force the person to feel, wearing out one. But that we know as these absolutely clear and beautiful jewels, begin their lives as generally rocks. They should be extracted and ground and processed in that we know as diamonds.

Diamond - the carbon form, both its extreme hardness and easy qualities of distribution do it by very useful stone in the industrial purposes, in addition to its pleasant esthetic qualities. Diamonds do excellent abrasives because they can be scratched by other diamonds only. Therefore, they are extremely long and keep the brilliant light wonderfully.

The earliest known reference to diamond arrives from the Sanskrit text relating up the time of about 296 (before our era) which described qualities of diamond. Standard that diamonds at first were extracted in India where they quickly became spirituality and sanctity symbols, decorating religious idols. In the beginning in their stories, diamonds were sold in all direction of India for their various industrial use, including an engraving and training, just as in their esthetic purposes such as to ceremony, decorating and an ornament.

There was a strict ban on reduction of diamonds. This taboo was begun with early traditional use in India and ended in the Middle Ages. To the 1375th guild of diamond cutting torches and polishers it was established, as the technology of changing diamonds started to develop. Various forms which were developed within years only, worked to illustrate beauty and shine of diamond, increasing their charm. Today, diamonds are most close used with a view of ornaments, such as to jewelry.

There are 4 features, which are used as the main devices of the description of diamonds, and which are used to define final value of special diamond. They are known as "4 To", or the carat, clarity, color, and are reduced. Carat - weight which measures mass of diamond. One carat equals to about 0.007 ounces. Value of diamond increases very much concerning its weight of carat, because big diamonds exclusive and in a great demand on jewelry.

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