Avoid Diamond Scams

When business reaches diamonds is numerous fraud to avoid. The majority of zhulnichestvo insignificantly, but is some main which approach from time to time concerning purchase and sale of diamonds. Fraud occur simply because the majority of people which buy diamonds – for any reasons – doesn't know very much about diamonds. Therefore, them easily fool.

The general fraud in which the majority of jewelry stores participates, is fraud of Lump of Carat. The sign on a part of jewelry, usually rings, only declares full weight of carat of all diamonds in a part instead of transferring lumps separately for each diamond. It forces consumers to believe that the main diamond in a part actually more than it. Ask, what full weight of carat of a stone of the center. Also be careful of fractions. To jewelry stores allow to round off diamond weight. It means that if the jeweler says to you that it - ѕ carat diamond, it, possibly, between Ѕ and ѕ in carat – but is closer to ѕ.

Jewelry stores often operate 'fluorescence' zhulnichestvo in various degrees. Calling diamond, as dark blue-white diamond - such fraud. Dark blue-white diamond seems very unique and special, but actually, this type of diamond has smaller quality – even thus that the jeweler will try to force to think you that you receive something special. Jewelry stores also like to show their diamonds in bright light. Fires force diamonds to shine. Ask to see diamond in various, more dark type of lighting also.

Some really unfair jewelers intend for those who wants an assessment on diamonds which were given them as gifts or it is werepurchased in other place. They will try to tell to you that diamond costing nothing, or costs it is less, than it actually costs – and the offer to take it from your hands or to exchange it for much best diamond, along with cash, to make distinction. It call low taking-up in a ball. Receive second, the third, and even the opinion is farther before to take any measures.

Other general malicious joke should switch diamond which you chose and paid for with one of smaller quality and value when you leave it to be established regarding jewelry or to leave a diamond ring which will be measured. The only way to avoid it consists in having business relations with one reliable jeweler. Avoid jewelers with whom you had no business relations in the past.

There are more many zhulnichestvo that jewelry stores usually put on not suspecting consumers. Simply use the best judgment and buy your diamonds with limiting care and a reason.

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