Amethyst: A Geological Marvel

Geological information

Amethyst - a high-quality form of the quartz crystal which has been naturally found as groups in a central stone. They sometimes are in volcanic vugs or small hollows in rocks. The chemical name for Amethyst - Silicon Dioxide. Amethyst receives its color through a combination of manganese impurity and iron.

Violet color arrives from manganese presence while iron existence in certain quantities operates intensity of color. Artificial warming treatment was used on Amethyst to make the popular jewels known as for Citrine and Ametrine (400 and 500 degrees Celsius). Mokhsa has amethyst the sizes 7 on the scale of hardness.

One of the biggest amethyst of reduction in the world makes 343 carats and is shown in the National Museum of History in London. Very dark stones sometimes heat up to increase color.

Metaphysical and healing properties

Supporters of a new eyelid believe that crystal and jewel healing - art. Objects, such as and crystals absorbed jewels and inherited vital curative powers of Mother earth. They believe that crystals and jewels have physical and spiritual powers which can be used as therapy for pain, tension and a depression.

Amethyst began known to possess prolific curative powers of clarification. It acts as the healer on all levels of mind, soul and a body, and usually contacts the world. It has a huge ability of reduction of negativity and concern.

Its placement under a pillow as speak, calms the middle, encourages a dream and disseminates nightmares. Amethyst as it is also known, increases intellectual force and stability. It is considered an ideal stone for those who fights against tendency or recovers from alcoholism.

About its intellectual therapeutic benefit amethyst is used as remedy for many physical misfortunes. When being used as the medical decision, amethyst is used to treat toothaches, skeletal discomfort, both other bone and the diseases connected with a joint. Amethyst also cures problems with a stomach, an illness of blood just as heart and hearing of disorders. Amethyst as a crystal is used to cure problems of nervous system, such as neuralgia.

Amethyst in jewelry

Amethyst - a traditional jewel for the 4th, 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries. It is used as cut stones and is cut out in various forms. Jewels of amethyst are used in necklaces, ear rings, rings, bracelets, brooches and pendents. This extremely praised stone is also created and used other points, such as ornaments for hair, charms for keys and hours.

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