Alexandrite jewelry makes a perfect gift

When you should give a valuable present to the girlfriend or future wife, the most corresponding will consist of alexandrite jewelry. Natural alexandrite - a jewel used to make true jewelry of alexandrite. You can find details in this article about many qualities of jewelry of alexandrite, thus, you can be sure that your gift - special.

That does natural alexandrite special of other jewels, is its property of change of color. Color of this jewel emerald-green in natural or phosphorescing, easy and red or violet in the filament lamp. Natural alexandrite not the unique stone which changes its color depending on various light sources. However, this jewel has the most radical changes. Therefore it is possible to see, why alexandrite jewelry - such special gift.

There are 3 categories of color change:
- Вершина-> in this category, it is possible to find natural alexandrite which changes color to 90 %-100 %.
- Среда-> this second category has natural alexandrite which changes color to 70 %-80 %
- Небольшой-> and at last there are alexandrite jewelry with 30 color changes for % of-69 %.
Because of its property to change the color, natural alexandrite is very much appreciated between jewelers, investors and odd fellows.

Rusia - the country where this jewel was found, is close to Yekaterinburg in 1830, and alexandrite of a name arrives from Alexander II. Excavation for natural alexandrite was begun in the Ural mountains. This place was the most important from which natural alexandrite reached the Russian jewelers.
Many people have business relations with alexandrite. Randi G. Lander - one of them. It developed passion to this jewel and started to do alexandrite jewelry in 1994. It continues tradition of trade as her ancestors, Khazars. Khazars, from whom she goes down used to exchange jewelry with many countries, using medieval known trading routes. It - why Randi G. Lander - the most suitable person, to give advice, buying alexandrite jewelry.
There were many beliefs in the past of rather therapeutic and magic powers of natural alexandrite. Some doctors used it to cure diseases, and it is the reason why alexandrite jewelry were very popular earlier. There was also an idea that the owner of natural alexandrite only will have a good luck. Because of these myths and legends, interest for alexandrite jewelry grew, but it also led to creation of many fakes. Best of all the made imitations of natural alexandrite are made in special hi-tech laboratories in Russia. The jewelry made with artificial alexandrite, are less expensive and can be bought by any.

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