Few tips for men how to choose jewelry

Jewelry is perhaps one of the most desirable gifts for women. At the same time, the selection of jewelry is often a very difficult task for most men. The correct choice of jewelry has a magic effect on women, evoking feelings, showing the importance of relationships and respect for women.

But most likely you, like most men know how to choose jewelry as much as versed in microbiology or plasma physics. The good news are, you do not need to go crazy and run around in agony on the jewelry stores. We suggest you read a few simple tips to help you make the right choice:

Tip 1: Please look and listen
To understand what jewelry she likes, sometimes enough only to see what jewelry she already has. So you can define her own style, her favorite gemstones and see what jewels are still missing in her wardrobe. Be sure, if she wears a pearl necklace, then a pair of earrings with pearls will lead her into raptures.
Carefully, as if by chance, show her advertise of jewelry in a magazine or on the street, ask her opinion and listen carefully, the answer will help you in your quest. Measure the simple line of inner diameter of the ring, it will help you and the seller to choose the right size.

Tip 2: Appreciate individuality.
If she is a hopeless romantic present her a heart-shaped pendant, necklace or ring with a stone, faceted a heart. If she is closer to a classic style or she prefers to business suits, then your choice of elegant ring with a diamond, a pair of earrings, diamond studs or a chain with a few neat links. But this should not stop jewelry in the form of the sun, dolphins, butterflies or any other sure she liked it. Remember the main thing - try to avoid the acquisition of the fashion designer jewelry, or those that are only suitable for night clubs, at least until then, unless you are sure that she really likes it.
Tip 3: Ask her friends
Her sister, mother or friend talk about her preferences and help you determine the correct search direction. Of course, you can turn directly to her, just next time you go shopping together look at what delayed her eyes.

Tip 4: The most important advice. If you are still not sure what to present - give a diamond ring! Believe, this gift is relevant at all times and on every occasion, and more important not the size of the diamond, but the fact!

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